It would be nice to love and get married!

Young hero Allu Sirish said that he is happy to get good success with the film ‘Urvashivo Rakshasivo’. Sreekumar, a middle-class youth played by him in the film, said that everyone was connected to him. Directed by Rakesh Shashi, the film released on Friday. On this occasion, Allu Sirish said, ‘We have shot the kissing scenes in this movie with aesthetic sense. It is said that the liplock scenes are acceptable as there are no boundaries crossed.

In this movie we have discussed the topics of love, cohabitation and marriage. Personally I am a strong believer in the institution of marriage. I believe that marriage is the ultimate goal of love and live in relationship. I think it is better to get married after living together. And as for my marriage…if it is like a hit movie, it is not possible (laughs). All conditions and planets should be suitable for it. There is no pressure for marriage at home. I made that decision myself. I don’t know what my relationship status is anymore. You can’t tell if you are in a relationship with someone (laughs). My next film is not finalized yet. He said that two stories have been prepared.

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