It is the respect due to talent

Currently, the name of the movie ‘RRR’ is buzzing around the world. The song ‘Natu Natu’ from this film won the prestigious Golden Globe Award and cemented the reputation of Indian cinema. Director Rajamouli became the global director. It is known that recently he met Hollywood director Steven Spielberg in Los Angeles, America and explained the features of the movie ‘RRR’. Rajamouli, who is a fan of Steven Spielberg, expressed his happiness through social media by saying ‘I have met Darshan Deva’.

Recently famous Hollywood director James Cameron watched the movie ‘RRR’. Rajamouli expressed his happiness by informing about this through Twitter. Great director James Cameron watched the film ‘RRR’. He liked it so much. After explaining the movie to his wife Suji, he watched the movie with her again. Still can’t believe this. It was an indescribable feeling for him to analyze our film for ten minutes,’ said Rajamouli.

Cameron praises ‘RRRR’ music

Music director Keeravani said that James Cameron has praised the music of ‘RRR’. ‘James Cameron talked to me about RRR film music. Why ‘RRR’ is different compared to western music is well explained. I feel that his appreciation is a great honor for my talent.’ Meanwhile, ‘RRR’ won the Critics’ Choice Award for the year 2023 in the Best Foreign Film category. Rajamouli received this award at an event held in Los Angeles.

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