It is a pity that Kriti Shetty is being used so badly..!

Kriti Shetty is the heroine of the Tollywood film industry who is now working with consecutive schedules, day and night. After Pooja Hegde and Rashmika Mandanna, who are shining as the most wanted heroines, the young beauty Kritishetti, who is doing films without a gap, is the most wanted heroine. All boy heroes want to be this beauty. Directors also want to have creativity in their films. Before the release of her first film Uppena, Kriti Shetty, who acted as the heroine in three films, signed four more films after the release of this film.

However, the first three films were hits for Kriti, who is doing consecutive films like this. But, after that, The Warrior and Machar’s constituency films remained flops. They thought that the work craze would decrease a bit. But, new movies are shocking. In fact, Ammadu struggled to get the first film opportunity. There is also internal talk that a lot of the film has gone around the offices too. Kriti’s mother herself requested the director and producers to give her one chance.

But, now the scene is reversed. Makers are requesting for Kriti dates. If the producers are waiting for her dates, it can be understood in what range her craze has increased. However, there is talk that Kriti will be romancing a young hero. She doesn’t know who that hero is, but even if she gets some free time, she goes for dinners and walks with him. This is a bit hard to believe. Because Kriti is not finding time to eat and sleep in her busy schedule. You never know when someone will ask for the time.

The moment is spent without leisure with so many consecutive movies. In this way, if they find some space, they are used by the filmmakers who are their friends. It is doubtful whether there is time to work in such a tight schedule and go out for dinner and walks again. This type of sale is used well. Only those who are imagining should know where there is time for that use. The craze for beauty and talent is hard to stop these days. If there is a single pan India hit, then our usage will be at another level.

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