Isn’t that juice in the blood? Don’t care much about the squeeze..?

No matter how glamorous the film industry is, people cannot accept some beautiful beauties as heroines. The main reason for that is that they are nil in acting. There are many cute girls who entertain boys by accepting any kind of role while maintaining a perfect body figure. But this Rai Lakshmi is one of them who is trying for a chance as a heroine. This name needs no new introductions.

She has also increased her fan following with many Telugu movies. So far Rai Lakshmi has acted in many films. But the hits are very few. But the reason why people remember the name of Rai Lakshmi so much is that people are commenting that she has a hot figure. Rai Lakshmi, who tempts boys while maintaining perfect body measurements beyond the heroine’s, melted the mega fans by dancing and singing with Chiranjeevi saying Rattalu Rattalu with Chiranjeevi.

People are saying that the reason why this cute grandmother who continues to be a glamorous beauty in the industry has not become a star heroine is because of her lack of acting quality. No matter how hot we are, people are saying that if we don’t have acting skills, we will not work as heroines. That’s why there is very little acting juice in her and this is the reason why the directors are pushing her in the field of acting but not paying much attention to the talk that she is pushed in the industry in terms of glamor. Moreover, there is also a rumor that in the past, she has played a love track with Indian cricketer Dhoni and given him a hand. Anyway, people say that the acting juice is a little less in Rattas..!!

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