Is there such a story behind the hit combination of Shauvakaru Jaan – ANNAR…!

Akkineni Nageswara Rao is not a matter of telling the Telugu film world. He acted as a lover boy in many films. Savitri’s name is immediately mentioned to him as Jodi. Similarly, names like Jamuna and Anjalidevi also come. But.. even more than these.. those who have acted in pairs with Akkineni in the film industry are Shaukaru Janaki..!

She acted in many films as his wife. Even if the character roles are the same.. Even if the heroines are different.. Shaukaru Janaki is one of the characters who lead the entire movie. Shauvakaru Janaki acted opposite Akkineni in many movies like Manshi Manasulu and Doctor Chakraborty. Among them, Shaukaru Janaki became famous for his role as Nabhooth in the film Manish Manasulu.

It is special that the song “Aho Andhra Bhoja” is from this movie. Actually they wanted to book Jamuna for this role in this movie. However..the character being a character..being Jamuna left this role. With this, Jana was exceptionally okay with this role. Savitri is the original heroine of this movie. Akkineni-Savitri are the heroines. However.. in a short while the whole movie becomes the center of Jana.

From there, Janaki’s role is elevated… Savitri’s role is reduced. The whole movie also revolves around Janaki. In this movie, even more than Akkineni and Savitri, Shaukaru Jaana’s role is more popular. Similarly, in Dr. Chakravarty, Jana felt that she was amazing as a young woman who loves Akkineni. That’s why even though he played character roles in many films..if the role has relevance and elevation…that’s why…he got famous by acting.

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