Is there a story behind Chiranjeevi’s special recommendation of Madhavi?

It is known that many people have said on many occasions that they wanted to become a doctor and became an actor. He who wanted to be a policeman became an actor. He became a supreme hero..he is ruling the industry as a megastar. Needless to say how hard it takes to get to this level. However, Chiranjeevi faced a lot of difficulties in the beginning of his career…after that he himself reached the range where he said that in my opinion this girl would be better as the heroine of our film.

Madhavi is one of the heroines recommended by Megastar. Her color is less. However, Madhavi has done more films. It is interesting that they are also recommended by Chiranjeevi. The Chiranjeevi-Madhavi combination is the ragulahva mogalipoda song from the movie Khaidi. Krishnayya ran for more than 500 days in Ramayya Veedhi in the house where the two acted together.

It must be said that this was a record at that time. Moreover, this is also the film that Chiranjeevi played for more than 500 days in his career. This is Kodi Ramakrishna’s first film as a director. It remains a milestone in everyone’s career. All the characters in this look very ordinary. However, Madhavi’s performance really impressed the megastar. Her eyes are very big. Any expression can convey this.

At that time, everyone was talking about Madhavi among the heroines who wore bikinis and were a hot topic. There was such a craze. If Madhavi plays the heroine, the movie will be called a blockbuster. That’s why, Chiranjeevi used to refer her to the movies in which he acted as the hero. Even the likes of Vijayashanthi, Radha and Radhika Suhasini, Megastar mostly insists to take Madhavi for some films. Madhavi Chiru has done more films like that.

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