Is the light bulb lit for Puri Jagannath now? Finally proved that there is a burra..!!

Puri Jagannath is a name known to everyone as a daring and dashing director in the Telugu film industry. Once upon a time, if he made films, the people would swing in a range. Huge cutouts with huge flexi. Now, if this movie is coming, there is a fear that at least it will be a hit or not.

Otherwise, the movie which was recently released amid huge expectations turned into a disaster. Most importantly, this movie also removed the honor of Puri Jagannath. In this order, star heroes Puri Jagannath do not want to make films. Recently, Puri Jagannath is ready to make a film with small heroes. Puri Jagannath, who always makes films with star celebrities, has decided to make films with new heroes who are coming to the industry now.

In fact, not just the star heroes, these days new heroes are also getting the biggest blockbusters at the box office. All the movies starring Vishwak Sen have become super duper hits. Siddu Jonnalagadda gained popularity with the movie DJ Tillu. Meanwhile, Puri Jagannadha is looking to change his route and concentrate on young heroes. It is known that the story of the movie has been written for Mass Hero recently. Because of this, some people are trolling Puri Jagannath saying that the light bulb has lit up now..!!

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