Is that the reason why the bold beauty Ashu-Verma got married..?

Not to mention Bigg Boss beauty Ashu Reddy. Ashu Reddy, who gained popularity on social media by doing hot photoshoots in his own style. Lately, Ashu has been seen in many events and has been mingling with star director Ram Gopal Varma. Interviewing him and writing more with him.

We all know what kind of words Ashu Reddy spoke when he interviewed Verma recently. Ashu Reddy, who was tempted by Ramgopal Varma with her charms. This matter is trending as a hot topic on social media. However, it should be said that this is not fasta. In the past, Varma has become a trend on social media by writing with many heroines.

But knowing all this, what is it like to move like this with Ashu Varma..? People are discussing that. This kind of trolling is going on but the question why Ashu Varma is mingling like this is now going viral on social media. But if she does such things with a star controversial director like Ram Gopal Varma, surely her name will come in popularity that she will get many opportunities, the news that Ashu is doing this will go viral now. Moreover, Ashu also behaves out of bounds with star singer Rahul. Will Ashu do anything with the stars for popularity and publicity? People are getting angry..!!

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