Is that divorced star hero crazy about sex..?..has he slept with most all heroines..?

When social media becomes available, private matters related to star celebrities also become public. Some star celebrities are saying everything publicly without any privacy. But some people hide it from the public. Somehow these things are leaked to the social media and become a sensation. Recently, Umar Saindhu gained popularity by making many controversial tweets on social media.

Everyone knows that this name is going viral on social media in recent times. Most importantly, Umar Saindhu targeted and trolled Pawan Kalyan as a womanizer.. After that he targeted many big celebrities. Meanwhile, they have raised a sensation by putting their finger into the controversial matter about Bollywood’s big hero Aamir Khan. Bollywood’s big hero Aamir Khan has created a big scandal by tweeting that he has slept with the heroines he has worked with.

He made sensational comments that if he works with any heroine, that heroine has to satisfy him.. otherwise he will get angry. In this order, he also put his finger on the divorce matter and made noisy comments. Is this the real character of Aamir Khan in Bollywood media? The news is going viral. Not only this, some people have even commented on him as a sex freak. Bollywood people are commenting bitterly saying that even small children like this divorced hero. In this sequence, Aamir Khan’s name will once again become viral in Bollywood media..!!

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