Is Swathini the star of Colors? Tortured in the night car..?

In the film industry, it is very common to scratch the stars. If you want to get a chance as a heroine in any movie.. the director or the producer or the super hero will call the heroine of your choice to the side. Did all the heroines get opportunities like that? I have to say no. There are also heroines in the industry who got offers without sleeping like that. Colors Swati is one of them.

Colors Swati who gained popularity through the program Colors. She has gained popularity within a very short time of her entry into the film industry. The faster it rose, the faster it fell. It received a lot of applause and turned into a disaster. But in terms of beauty and eloquence, there has never been a cutie who can match Colors Swati.

At that time, there were rumors that star producer Sun had lured Swathi in the name of opportunities in the new colors of the industry. The star’s son, who was about the same age as Colors Swati, used to enjoy going to pubs and parties in the car with her in the name of friendship. At that time, there were reports that the producer behaved madly with Colors Swati while drunk on one fine day.

Not only that, he also said that the producer of Sun Colors had finished the matter with Swathi in Okanoka time. But then it was revealed that it was all rumours. Her fans said that she did it only when she was drunk and then Colors Swati pushed him away. In this sequence, she got married and settled in life. Colors Swati will soon be seen on screen.

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