Is Supriya really the reason for Naga Chaitanya – Samantha’s divorce?

It has been 10 months since Naga Chaitanya and Samantha divorced. Nagarjuna is really begging you to leave the divorce of both of them, but the media and social media people do not seem to let go of Chaitu-Samantha’s divorce now. New stories about Chaitu-Samantha breakups are emerging every day. What is the real reason behind Chaitu-Samantha’s divorce? They are leaving some interesting gossip as if someone likes it because they don’t know. This will make it viral.

Many times they have woven various stories on websites and YouTube saying that the reason behind the separation of Chaitu and Samantha is known. Recently, it was written that the relationship between Chaitu and Samantha was broken because of Yarlagadda Supriya, the niece of Nagarjuna. A wonderful story has also been woven into it. Supriya fell in love with the young hero Adavi Seshu. They also wanted to get married. But Supriya does not fall for Samantha even from the beginning. That is why Samantha said that this marriage should not take place. They came to realize that it was the reason for the distance with Chaitu.

Supriya first fell in love with Charan Reddy. Charan Reddy acted as the hero in “Ishtam” from Usha Kiran Movies. Shriya was introduced as a heroine in that movie. Loved him and married him. But Charan got away from him as he was subjected to abuse. Later Charan died. Supriya, who has been silent for many days looking after the affairs of Annapurna Studio, made a re-entry on the Telugu screen with the movie “Gudhachari”.

It was at that time that they became friends with the contact made with the wild Seshu. Adushi Seshu also reacted to the publicity that they are both in love and getting married. He begged the netizens to leave him for some years, boss. But Supriya did not respond to the news about their love marriage. Supriya and Naga Chaitanya were close since they were the sons of uncle and aunt.

It is said that Samantha didn’t like that either, so she got an unknown gap with Supriya. That’s why she stopped the marriage of Sesh and Supriya. Chaitu became serious about this and finally the gap grew bigger and they came to the conclusion that Chaitu and Samantha would get divorced. Actually, why is Samantha interfering with Supriya’s forest Seshu’s marriage? Coming to that, before Samantha broke up with hero Siddhartha and later got married to Chaitu. That too is a big story.

When it comes to that word, Daggupati Lakshmi and Nagarjuna are also married side by side. After that, Nagarjuna married another heroine Amala for the second time. In the same family, the marriage of another hero Sumanth actress Keerthi Reddy has been going on for years. But Naga Chaitanya..they are reading any news written about Samantha’s marriage. Are the views coming? In that sense, many people are cooking up a story every day as they like. Also now they have woven a new story showing Supriya as a villain.

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