Is NTR in such danger… It will be difficult if he doesn’t change…!

Tollywood young tiger NTR no matter how good his form is.. no matter how many super hits he gets.. no matter how pan India image he gets.. he is not moving forward with proper planning in keeping his career in a regular manner. NTR fans are also very unhappy about this. His fellow star heroes are advancing with good planning.. but NTR is in a situation where he is lagging behind in his career without any systematic planning. Mahesh has good planning in the form of Namrata.

And Bunny has Bunny Vas along with Allu Compound. Prabhas still has UV Vamsi. And when Ram Charan’s intervention started, he went somewhere. Pawan Kalyan has a word magician Trivikram. If you ask who is there for NTR, there is no answer.
Even if Kalyan Ram’s brother-in-law Hari is there, it is only till finance.

Also, NTR does not care about social media. There is no proper social media either.
It is said that PR team is not that great team compared to other star heroes. Ram Charan, who acted with NTR in the movie Triple R, did the movie Acharya immediately after Triple R. After that, Shankar’s movie has started.. It will be released next Sankranti. Even after that Charan has one or two films lined up.

NTR remained vacant for a year after Triple R. Koratala Siva’s movie has not gone on the sets yet. April next year means NTR fans have to wait for another year for their favorite hero’s movie. It is good to stick to the word given to Koratala.. But it is not possible to say how much this movie will help in raising the image of Pan India.

However, NTR’s career was not properly planned as Ramcharan had planned. That’s why even after a good hit like Triple R, it has to remain vacant for two years at a time. The Mumbai agency works hard on Charan’s behalf on social media. Bunny is jumping too. And Mahesh Babu’s following is not normal. Prabhas already has a pan India level star image.

Recently, the difference between Charan and NTR has become clear regarding the American tour. We have seen how much Ramcharan has been highlighted in the media. NTR did not care much about this. NTR fans cannot be faulted in this regard. NTR has strong fans. But organizing the fans…organizing social media…not knowing what to do to get highlighted in the media is NTR’s minus.

All this should be done with patience and proper planning.. On the other hand, there should be planning in the case of movies as well. If NTR does not concentrate in this matter, there is no way out of trouble in terms of craze.

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