Is he putting down a big rod again with Varusudu… Just then celebrations in Tollywood…!

Kollywood Vijay Varasudu movie is competing with the movies of two Tollywood star heroes this Sankranti. Usually no one cares about Varasudu movie. But our top producer Dil Raju is producing this movie.. Our Telugu director Vamsi Paidipally. It is true that Dil Raju has been ruling the industry, theaters and big heroes in Tollywood for a long time.

That’s why now all the theaters under his control and under the control of his distributors are also fixed for Varasudi’s movie. As a result, Balayya Veerasimha Reddy and Chiranjeevi Waltheru Veerayya are not getting theaters as expected. There are problems with single screens. Due to this, Chiru and Balayya fans are very angry with Dil Raju.

What’s more, Raju is doing business here.. When he has his own movie, how can he do other producers’ movies other than his own? Theaters are said to be open. At a time when Rajupai Chiru and Balayya fans are boiling over, the trailer of Varasudhu produced by him has come. All those who have seen the trailer are saying that this is Pakka Rod Rambola in Telugu. This trolling is not common in social media anymore.

Varasudu trailer is said to be a mix of five Telugu movies. Juice says that many movies were mixed together like Brahmotsavam + Ala Vaikunthapuramulo + Attarintiki Daredi + Maharshi + Vrindavanam + Ajnathavasi. Varusud means he is somewhere.. if his family is in trouble, he goes to a place.. there is the introduction of the heroine.. facing the villain who troubles the family.. here there are similarities between Attadu and Attarintiki Daredi movies.

Overall, if you watch the trailer, you understand that it is a routine movie. And seeing Dil Raju’s words, the forts are passing by. There is also hope that there will be something new beyond the trailer. Because no matter how new Vamsi Paidipalli gives, he has a habit of taking it very old. The action itself is extremely routine and rad. Now there is a talk that he is laying down another rod with the heir. However, the Telugu movie people are playing with the trailer of Varusudu.

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