Is Chiranjeevi the reason for the lack of films in the Balayya – Radhika combination?

Radhika was a crazy heroine in the 1980s. Although she is a Tamil girl, she has done more films in Telugu. Krishna – Radhika, Chiru – Radhika combination had a lot of craze in Telugu. If there was a movie in the original Chiru-Radhikha combination then many audiences would flock to watch their break dance. Along with the craze for Chiru – Radhika combination, there is a lot of business among the directors and producers as well as trade circles.

Even after getting married to Chiranjeevi, while staying by Surekha’s side, Chiru was close to Radhika and teased her a lot. But Balakrishna came as a hero in the same generation. At that time, films were made with all those who were star heroes in Telugu, but no films were made with Balayya. Why is Radhika with Balakrishna? At that time, there were many doubts about the question of not making films.

There is a rumor that Chiranjeevi wanted to prevent the combination of Balayya and Radhika. The Radhika-Balaiah combo was not possible because Chiru said that he would give chances in his films only if Balayya gave him chances.

However, senior film critic Emandi Rama Rao has recently given clarity on these rumours. Chiru Valle said that there is no truth in the news that Radhika and Balayya are not acting together. He said that before Balayya’s entry into films, there were many films in the combination of Chiru and Radhika. Before that, she also acted alongside senior heroes.

But Rama Rao said that heroines like Vijayashanthi and Suhasini came to Balayya when he came into the movies and started swinging. That’s why Balayya traveled more with heroines who were in form then. And they made a condition that Balayya should not have sex with Sridevi. That’s why he did more films with Suhasini, Rajini and Vijayashanthi.

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