Is another heir coming to Ghattamaneni’s house..? Holy pregnant..?

In recent times.. Naresh, who has earned a name as a Tollywood senior artist, and Pavithra, who has earned a name as a character artist, are well aware of the range in the industry. The couple, who have been dating for some time now, got married officially and announced their marriage officially. The wedding video of Naresh – Pavitra is trending on social media.

Even people who misunderstood their relationship all these years now understand their love and support them. This is what true love is..They say that there is no age difference for love.In this order, interesting news related to Pavitra Naresh will go viral on social media. A news will go viral in the film circles saying that this couple who loved and got married soon are ready to have a child as a symbol of their love.

There is a talk on social media saying that if all the conditions are favorable, another heir is going to come to Ghattamaneni’s house soon. Presently, Pavitra and Naresh are enjoying their honeymoon and it can be seen from their latest pics. Looking at the present situation, people are saying that this news which is going viral on social media seems to be true. In the past also many news like this have gone viral regarding Pavitra-Naresh.. They all turned out to be true.. In this sequence people are discussing what the situation will be like if this is also true..!!

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