Intinti Gruhalakshmi 6 Jan Today Episode : Tulsi is shocked to know that Lasya and Nandu are doing Banerjee’s project… Does she know what Lasya’s real character is?

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 6 Jan Today Episode : The latest episode of Intinti Gruhalakshmi serial has been released recently. Now let’s see today 6th January 2023, Friday episode 835 highlights. We are living as if we are living in a prison in our own house. Grandpa wanted a checker when his sugar was down, but he did not give him the Rocks key. Grandfather and grandmother.. both drink decoction daily. Ankita, Shruti and Divya say about Lasya that she locked the fridge too. This makes me angry. Tulsi says that it is your fault.. The fault is from you. Nandu says that everything is fine but.. I didn’t know that this will happen. Prem says grandfather pressed our lips without telling you this. Tulsi says they are confident that one day you will know all this.

intinti gruhalakshmi 06 January 2023 full episode

I didn’t even know all this. Knowing indirectly. That’s why my people should not face such difficulties from now on. That’s why I brought all this. As long as you fail in your duty as the head of this house, I will continue to look after the affairs of this house. I will take everything for them. Tulsi says to Nandu that if they make my people suffer, I won’t just watch. Nandu gets angry and goes upstairs. Tulsi says that from today, none of my people will be allowed to suffer in this house. After that she brings all the goods and gives them to them. Tulsi says Shruti brought sour mangoes for you.

On the other hand, Nandu goes to the terrace and gets annoyed. This leads to lasya. Nandu is about to speak.. Nandu says shut up. talk to me Do not appear before my eyes for a while. He says get out. Even if he listens to what I say once, he will not listen at all.

I tried so hard to bring my people home. I also stood in front of Tulsi and folded my hands. I said that I will take care of my people. But.. I didn’t think you would do this. He says I want to know what you are doing.

Have you locked the racks and fridge in the kitchen? Who are you to restrict food and coffee? Nandu gets serious about Lasya saying, “How dare you.. If we throw you in a room and keep you without food for a week, then you will know.”

Tulsi is bringing goods to my people at my house. Tulsi said that it is because of your incompetence. Nandu says how can I stand up in front of my people. So listen to what I have to say. Shouldn’t we run the household with a salary for the sake of the children? Lasya says that’s why I have become a dictator.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 6 Jan Today Episode : Nandu gets annoyed with Lasya

Lasya says that she decided to look bad thinking that the family is for good. I don’t feel bad that they said something. Finally you don’t understand me either. That’s why I feel disgusted with my life, Nandu says Lasya.

Unless we have done this so that we don’t become part of the games… not out of anger at anyone. I have a responsibility towards my father-in-law and uncle. Lasya says my behavior may be harsh but my thoughts are soft. Tulsi says if you cut it, I want to be with your boy, but I don’t want to struggle.

Tulsi says uncle, you have to tell me all these things. Tulsi says angrily that I have kept you here against your will. Our lives are burdened by others. Parandamayya says that ours is not the age to complain about someone.

After that, Tulsi goes to her house.. If she feels dizzy, she drinks some fresh water. Meanwhile Samrat calls. Tulsi says I want to call you. Already known. Samrat says that Lasya and Nandu are going to take up Banerjee’s project.

So what experience do they have in this line, they are doing this project. Tulsi says I will tell Banerjee not to take that project as a fraud. On the other hand, Lasya tells me about Banerjee’s project. Lasya says that he will also provide funding for the launch of our company. Tulsi comes there while Lasya is telling her about Banerjee’s project.

Tulsi tells Nandu and Lasya that Banerjee cheated. But they don’t listen. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.

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