Intinti Gruhalakshmi 20 Sep Today Episode : Will Tulsi family shift to Samrat house? Will Abhi agree to that? What decision does Tulsi make?

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 20 Sep Today Episode : The latest episode of Intinti Gruhalakshmi serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 20 September 2022, Tuesday episode 742. Samrat is sad to see Honey and Nandu is shaken. What am I actually behaving like this? Why am I made like this? She hates herself. He thinks what can be done so cruelly. Meanwhile Lasya came and what happened. what are you thinking Why did you come late last night? Lasya asks where did you go. Nandu says that I wanted to take medicine and that’s why I went. Lasya asks where did you go after taking the medicine. Nandu says I did not go anywhere. Lasya takes the pant and shows what is attached to it. Nandu gets shocked by this. After removing the brakes of Samrat’s car, he applies the grease on his hands to his pant. Lasya finds it. Lasya asks did you remove the brakes of Samrat’s car.

intinti gruhalakshmi 20 september 2022 full episode

Nandu says yes to this. Why did you do this? Lasya says this is also a murder attempt. Nandu says I will never do such a thing again. Lasya asks if anyone else knows this plan. Nandu says he told mechanic Suresh about it. So if this matter reaches Samrat through him, Samrat will not let you live. Lasya tells him to shut his mouth and leaves. Honey on the other hand does not eat at all if she eats at home. The worker does not eat even if he is fed. She tells Samrat that I don’t like cooking and I won’t eat it and says good night dad, I will go to bed.

Samrat does not know what to do. Meanwhile Baba comes. Samrat says. Doctors said there is no problem. Babai says Honey will be normal. Babai says what will you do for an unexpected incident. So that’s not what I’m thinking about. A major accident happened. If something happened to my life.. then what is the condition of Honey, Babai? You have to live like an orphan. Even the call of father would have to be distanced forever. Samrat says if you imagine Honey in such a situation.. the thought itself is terrible.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 20 Sep Today Episode : Samrat talks about Honey with Babai

I thought that I would take care of Honey in my heart, but even if you warn me, I don’t care. The accident shattered my brain. Time is never the same. Nothing in life is permanent. Real life is not eternal.. It seems Baba says Samrat.

Babai says Honey is not getting the affection she wants. Father’s love is never mother’s love, says Satram. On the other hand Tulsi is thinking about Honey. It hurts to tell everyone. The child who was supposed to fly and move around was stuck to the bed. Tulsi says uncle, it is painful to remember.

If there is a mother next to me, that courage is different. But.. Tulsi feels sad that Honey is an orphan who has everything. Parandamayya says let’s bring her and keep her with me until Honey recovers. Everyone says OK to what Parandamayya said. Tulsi says this idea is good but.. will Samrat agree.

He is very addicted to honey. Tulsi says if Honey is not there, he will get upset. Abhi says no. Tulsi says what is your suspicion. As a result, Honey came to our house and made a lot of noise if the chain was not found. Abhi says if there is anything else for Honey here by mistake.

Tulsi says that now we have to think not about Samrat.. about Honey. Anasuya says let’s say it correctly. If you cut it, it will turn white. Tulsi family has fun. Tulsi makes payasam for everyone.

Anasuya says I want more payasam. Parandamayya says what will I do with this. With this, Tulsi made a plan to get them to leave the kitchen. Tulsi and all family members are watching both of them eating payasam.

Everyone in our house likes honey. Tulsi tells Samrat that she is very used to it, so we want to keep her in our house for a few days. Honey will leave me with this but.. I can’t leave Honey. That’s why you have come to our house for a few days, says Samrat. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.

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