Intinti Gruhalakshmi 19 Sep Today Episode : Samrat’s car has a huge accident.. Honey’s head is seriously injured.. Will Honey’s life be saved?

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 19 Sep Today Episode : Intinti Gruhalakshmi serial latest episode has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 19th September 2022, Monday Episode 741. All the Mogudus are very easy to lie and believe in marriages. Nandu thinks that when I will realize it.. I will be found. Lasya asks if Tulsi had a dream. Nandu asks why this is happening. Because of this. He would have come to ask if he would buy a saree for the festival. Otherwise, why does your ex-wife come in your dream? Lasya says that she would have come only if you touched her and says that she should get ready quickly and go to the office and leaves from there. On the other hand Tulsi is ready and waiting for Samrat. To this song, Samrat and Tulsi go in a car. Did the accident really happen? He thinks if he calls Abhi he will know if Tulsi has gone or not. Nandu immediately calls Abhi.

intinti gruhalakshmi 19 September 2022 full episode

Nandu asks what is your mother doing. He says did you call to talk to me.. or mom. Not like that.. Samrat said there is some meeting. Go to office. Nandu says Samrat will come and pick up Tulsi. So mom is waiting for Samrat. Abhi says he has not come yet. This means that Tulsi is safe. And.. Nandu thinks it is Samrat’s situation. Samrat calls Tulsi if she cuts it. Samrat says it is a bit late. Meanwhile Honey arrives. She goes with her grandfather every day and gets bored. Honey says you drop me in school today. Tulsi hears all this. Samrat says you go with grandfather today.. I will drop you tomorrow. Honey says nothing, give me the phone once. Honey asks if Tulsi aunty can tell my father how to raise children. Tulsi says ok with this. Tulsi hangs up saying you should drop Honey at school and come here.

Then he takes Honey in the car and starts the car. Samrat takes her in the car and jokes with her. No, Dad, that’s enough. Honey says don’t laugh too much.. the more you laugh.. the more you cry. First you increase your speed.. says Honey. He says yes and increases the speed.

On the other hand Samrat will have already left in the car. Brakes don’t work. Nandu thinks that there must have been an accident somewhere. Meanwhile Samrat.. tries to apply brakes. But… it doesn’t break. Nandu thinks brake failed.

He thinks what now. On the other hand, Nandu is afraid that Lasya knows about Samrat’s car brakes. I made a mistake by not knowing God. See what happened to Samrat. Nandu thinks that he will never do such a mistake in life.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 19 Sep Today Episode : Samrat’s car collided with a tree

Meanwhile, she asks what happened dad. He says no. Not knowing what to do when a car comes from the opposite side, the car immediately goes and crashes into a tree. Due to this, both Samrat and Honey get seriously injured. This matter is immediately told to Tulsi. I also know.

Immediately Tulsi runs away. Babai asks the doctor that there is no danger to the baby. The doctor says that there is no danger to life. Doctor says what happened to Samrat too. With this, Babai takes a breath.

Tulsi is sad to see Samrat lying inside. Meanwhile Samrat opens his eyes. Babai asks how are you now. Samrat asks what happened to me, Baba. Babai asks if you don’t remember what happened.

He asks don’t you remember what happened? Meanwhile, she remembers about the accident that happened to her. He immediately sits up. Honey shouts. He asks where is my honey. This resulted in blows. He is in ICU. Tulsi says they are doing treatment.

He gets up and goes to the ICU saying that I need to see him right away. Samrat thinks what should not happen to my honey. Samrat sees him from the ICU door. He laughed and cried. Meanwhile the doctor comes. What’s wrong with your baby, says the doctor. This makes everyone gasp.

After that they go to Honey. Your father is not good.. he doesn’t know how to take care of you properly. Samrata talks to Honey saying I am sorry. Honey still does not regain consciousness. Tulsi says you can dare Honey only if you are brave. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.

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