Intinti Gruhalakshmi 04 Jan Today Episode : Tulsi is shocked to see the condition of Parandamayya and Anasuya..Lasya insults Ankita as Godra.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 04 Jan Today Episode : Intinti Gruhalakshmi serial latest episode released recently. Now let’s see today 4th January 2022, Wednesday episode 833 highlights. Both Prem and Shruti are having fun. Meanwhile Ankita, Abhi and Divya come. They are teased. They will be shocked by this. Meanwhile Lasya comes there. Wow.. everyone is happy. Positive vibes are coming. But.. if I should be happy too.. Lasya says when I tell the good news that Ankita is also going to be a mother. You are the elder sister. Lasya says you didn’t have that luck yet. Ankita says I have no problem with that. Lasya says that this will definitely hurt you but.. there is no way out.

intinti gruhalakshmi 04 January 2022 full episode

What do you say Shruti means what Shruti does not say. Abhi says now is it necessary to discuss this topic. He says it must be certain. Tulsi says did you say positive vibes just now? But whose luck is theirs. Ankita says that the philosophy of Nila Kullu is not ours. After all, you are Dr. V. Lasya says both of them should get checked once. Ankita gets a lot of trouble with this. Ankita leaves in anger.

Lasya thinks in her mind that even if you leave me, I will not leave you. On the other hand, Parandamayya and Anasuya go to the temple. They would never come to the temple. What temple did you come to today? Parandamayya says that if the devotion has increased, then the attention towards God has increased.

Parandamayya says that prasadam is also good in this temple. Anasuya says did you come for prasadam. Put your cheeks. Padandi says.. Let’s put a rod to God.

If cut, Samrat, Honey and Tulsi come to the same temple in a car. Samrat asks do you come to this temple often. Tulsi says yes.. it will be peaceful here.

Then Parandamaiya and Anasuya go inside the temple and worship the god. Parandamayya searches where the prasadam is being kept. When the pooja is over.. Parandamayya and Anasuya come out from there.

Meanwhile, Tulsi, Samrat and Honey go to God and worship. Both bend down to ring the bell with Honey. Beat both together. What do you think? Later both of them ring the bell for Honey.

Intinti Gruhalakshmi 04 Jan Today Episode : Prem and Shruti console Lasya

Meanwhile the priest comes and the baby is very cute. The priest says that the bell should be rung for both husband and wife and children. Tulsi says priest, we are not husband and wife.

This is a mistake, sorry, says the priest. Tulsi says that he is a friend. After that Tulsi aunty said she will buy ice cream for me means.. Tulsi says come buy it.

On the other hand, Ankita is saddened by remembering the words of Lasya. Laughs and cries. Meanwhile Shruti and Prem come and ask why Ankita is suffering. Prem says what is wrong with this.

Shruti asks if Lasya is suffering from Anna’s words. Does she know that? Prem says he couldn’t stand it if the four of them were sitting and talking, if they were happy. When Shruti came to this house, there were some feelings between us. But.. after that they have reduced, says Ankita.

Since then we have been together like children. Have you ever been jealous and hateful? Have you behaved like that? Ankita says. Ankita says Shruti, why are you taking her so seriously?

Ankita says I don’t know what to do. Meanwhile Divya comes and says Divya is playing mind games against Lasya. Ankita says that I am also sad that I don’t have children but that is up to me.

Parandamayya says that the tirtha is not the only prasadam after taking the tirtha. What is the matter.. Why is Anasuya so eager for prasad like a child? Parandamayya says that this will fill the stomach even a little.

Don’t you know? There is no way to ask if you want this when you go home. Parandamayya says that if you eat here, your stomach will be full. Anasuya says go and bring prasadam.

Parandamayya stands in line for prasadam. His turn will come. Give me another cup means… he won’t. He scolds Parandamayya. Anasuya goes and fights with him. All this is seen by Samrat and Tulsi. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.

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