Interesting: This is the only Telugu movie where Kantara hero acted in Telugu..!!

Rishabh Shetty No one knew this name till yesterday. When people say that name, people used to look up but now when they say that name, they feel like God.. Rishabh Shetty is being described as a new god born in Kannada industry. Kantara is the reason why his name has changed so much.

Rishabh Shetty made his name a hot topic all over the world with a single movie S Kantara. Not only movie stars but also political leaders are praising Rishabh Shetty in a range after seeing this movie. Being a hero and a director. People liked this movie very much.

On the other hand, the name of Rishabh Shetty will become famous in a range after Kantarao’s movie became a hit. The fact that he directly acted in a Telugu film in this sequence has become viral. Rishabh Shetty acted in a direct Telugu movie. That movie is not the recently released “Mission Impossible”. The film, starring Taapsee in the lead role, released in April and garnered mixed reviews.

Rishabh Shetty shines in a cameo role in this movie directed by Swaroop of Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya fame. He appeared in the role of a petty thief named Khalil. Actually, this character is seen for three to four minutes.. but this is the character that turns the movie. Rishabh Shetty did not take a single rupee for this movie. He acted in this movie only for friendship. People are saying that Rishabh Shetty’s heart is very good. He wants to act in more Telugu movies.



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