Interesting story behind Paisa Vasool Balayya Ek Pegala song..!

Not to mention the range of Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna’s fans. “Jai Balayya” shouts and cries are heard wherever he appears. Even the common audience is swayed by Balayya. In recent times, he has entertained by playing different roles as a hero in movies. Nandamuri Natasinham is the carafe address of faction movies.

If such a Balayya family makes the audience run to the theaters for his faction movie, then it is understood how wonderful the stories and stories he chooses are. Balayya’s dialogues should break boxes in theatres. If you move your thigh, the villain will be killed. That’s Balayya’s stamina.

Balayya not only dialogues, but also fights and dances. Recently Unstoppable show season 2 will be streaming. Balayya is also popular on the OTT platform. If he steps in, something must be rattled. It doesn’t doesn’t do that is not in Balayya’s diary. Hence, NBK is unstoppable. And for the first time in Balayya’s career, he sang a song and enthralled Gopala.

It is also a movie directed by Puri Jagannath. Balayya sings for the first time. How many takes will be taken..what to bring for lunch..will we relax for a while after lunch..want a caravan..the film crew has made all the arrangements.

But, here is Natasimham. You have to think about everything until you get into the ring. Once they get down, they don’t blink until the job is done. He also shocked everyone by singing the song Mawa Ek Peg La from the movie Paisa Vasool in just one hour. Perhaps no one expected this.

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