Inner Wear Baby can’t wear underwear..? Ashu Boothu photo shoot viral..!!

Bigg Boss beauty Ashu Reddy is one of the beauties who are active on social media. Needless to say, Ashu Reddy, who gained popularity through Dub Smash and Tik Tok videos, has created quite a stir on social media as Junior Samantha. She made web series and short films in her own style and pleased people with many cover songs. Meanwhile, Junior Samantha got a chance in Bigg Boss with her popularity and made a lot of noise in the house.

Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss OTT also made a lot of noise. Ashu, who is already getting offers for item songs, does hot photoshoots to excel as a heroine in the industry. There is no need to tell separately what kind of hot photo shoot Ashu Reddy is doing lately. If you open social media, you will see Ashu Reddy wherever you look. Reddy shakes the boys with hot photoshoots.

Ashu Reddy’s recent photoshoot is unique among all the photoshoots she has done so far. In these photoshoots it is worse whether Ashu is wearing a dress or not. People are trolling this photo shoot done by Ashu Reddy with white beauties in black outfit as a fake photo shoot. Moreover, this baby who always creates a fuss with her inner wear is making comments saying that this time she did a hot photo shoot without even wearing her inner wear. If some people are commenting saying that Ashu Reddy is hot in this black outfit, are you actually wearing underwear or not, some netizens are commenting that this photoshoot is trending as a hot topic on social media. Let’s see where this anarchy of beauty will end..?

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