Indian Movies | Why are new movies only released on Fridays?

Sankranthi, Ugadi and Dussehra festivals are held once a year. But for movie lovers, every Friday is a festival. Movies are released only on Fridays, regardless of language. With Friday coming up, movie fans are flocking to the theaters. Many moviegoers think that it would be better to have a public holiday on Friday than on Sunday. Why are the movies only released on Fridays? Why not release on other days? The question also lingers in the mind of every spectator.

The movie was made in Hollywood, where the first theatrical release took place. The culture of releasing a movie on a Friday started in Hollywood. Initially, however, movies were released on any given day in Hollywood. But collections are not the most common. The Hollywood makers discussed it and decided that Friday was the only correct one. That’s why Friday is the pay day in Hollywood. He worked from Monday to Friday, was paid on Fridays, and was given leave on Saturdays and Sundays. In this context, the films were released on the same day that they would come straight to the theaters on Friday evening when the wages came. The next two days are Saturdays and Sundays are holidays anyway so the collections will be good for three days. ‘Gone with the Wind’ was the first movie to be released in Hollywood on Friday. The film was released on December 15, 1939.

At present this method is also practiced in India. However, this method was not widely practiced in India at first. The movie ‘Neil Kamil’ starring senior actor Raj Kapoor as the hero was released on Monday. Telugu movies like ‘Patalabhairavi’ and ‘Mayambazar’ were also not released on Friday. However, this tradition began in Bollywood with the 1960 film ‘Moghil A Azim’. Since then, the films have been released in India only on Fridays. Apart from this, there is another reason why movies are not released on Fridays.

In India, Friday is considered as the day of Goddess Lakshmi. Many people consider Friday to be auspicious. It is against this backdrop that the producers are releasing the films on Friday hoping to make good profits. However, there is also a commercial aspect to this. This means that the multiplex rent on Friday is lower than on other days. In this order the producers will pay the lowest rent to the multiplex owners on Friday. But now the films are not going to be released only on Fridays. They are also set to release on Thursday. In the meantime, some movies have also been released on Wednesdays.


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