In West Godavari, Baboy-Abboy has an unstoppable record… but no star hero..!

Now a movie will be released in hundreds of centers. It is playing in thousands of theaters on the first day. Now everything is digital age. All that existed then was the film age. Movies were released only in big centers. They used to give only one film to the B centers that played there for 100 days and 200 days… from there to the C centers… and then to the touring talkies. That means it would take at least 6 months to 10 months for the released hit movie to reach the remote villages.

The same flop movie would have come a bit earlier. There is no such situation now, even theaters in remote villages have gone digital. With this, the movie is being released in hundreds of theaters all over the world on the same day. How many to say that the movie was a hit? Played 50 days in centers.. How many? It played for 100 days in the centers. Those calculations were a measure. 20 years ago, releasing movies in small villages was a big sensation.


Such is the case with Babai Balakrishna – Boy NTR films released in a remote village in Godavari district that hit centuries. This was a sensation at that time. In those two villages, no Tollywood hero has been able to break the records of father-boy movies. Balakrishna Narasimhanaidu movie is the first release in the history of Kamavarapukota, the mandal center of West Godavari district. Released as a Sankranti gift in 2001, this movie played for 101 days at Lakshmi Theater in Kamavarapukota.

In those days in this theater Rs. It has grossed more than 11 lakhs. Kamavarapukota is the first released film in the history of cinema… the first hundred days of Narasimhanaidu’s film has remained in the records. Still no other movie has played for 100 days in this center. That is how Balayya’s unbroken record in this center remained. After that in 2003 the movie Simhadri starring Boy NTR was released in Annapurna Theater of Nallajarla Mandal Anantapalli in West Godavari district.

Directed by Rajamouli, this movie also became the first release in the history of Ananthapalli. As the film received blockbuster talk, it played for more than 100 days. This movie also collected more than 12 lakhs in Ananthapalli. Anantapalli is not even the mandal center, 20 years ago in such places, NTR Rs. He set a sensational record with 12 lakhs. It still remains intact. Balayya-NTR scored centuries with their films in Kamavarapukota-Anantapalli in West Godavari district and stayed in the pages of history.

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