In those days, that star heroine had her own helicopter… luxury life… assets worth crores… !

Usually heroes earn more than heroines.. Heroes have more assets. And in the old generation, in Telugu, senior NTR and ANN have saved crores of rupees. Who did not come to the poverty of these two. Later, Shobhan Babu and Murali Mohan invested all the money they earned on land and invested in real estate worth crores. But in those days there was a heroine who was a millionaire beyond NTR and ANR. That heroine is not KR Vijaya.

She was born in 1948 in Travel Core, Kerala. Mother Kalyani is from Kerala state and Father Ramachandran is from Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. Most of KR Vijay’s childhood was spent in Palani, Tamil Nadu. KR Vijaya has been participating in TV programs since childhood. Once Gemini Ganesan was impressed by her performance and encouraged her to become a heroine. So Gemini Ganesan became the hero of her first movie Karpagam.

However, NT Rama Rao’s brother Nandamuri Trivikrama Rao was mesmerized by seeing KR Vijaya in a function. With this, they gave her a chance as the heroine in the film Srikrishna Pandaviyam produced under their own banner, National Arts Patakam. Besides that movie being a super hit, her charadesi eyes.. beautiful beauty to look at.. acting, adiripoe natyam, all these made her a star heroine in Telugu. At that time, KR Vijaya Ammavari’s characters were named. She first acted as Ammavari in the movie Maa Ilavelpu. But in Tamil Nadu, many would be swayed by Poonaka if they saw her.

That is, KR Vijaya Ammavari’s characters have shown so much impact. After that, Balayya played the role of Kurupi in the movie Bhairavadweepam. Velayudhan, head of Sudarshan Chitfunds Company from Kerala State, fell in love with KR Vijaya when she was in good form as a heroine.. He convinced the elders that he would marry her. He already has assets worth crores of rupees. Thus became the wife of KR Vijaya Velayudhan.

In those days, she had a beautiful home in four thousand yards. Her house had two swimming pools and a sufficient park. In those days, KR. Vijaya’s family had its own helicopter. KR Vijaya experienced a lot of royal pleasures. At that time even the star heroines were said to be no match for her property owners.

Near Madras, KR Vijaya Gardens was a large garden of 67 acres. People of that time used to say that they used to raise Natu chickens as well as various kinds of chickens there.. When the shooting happened there, Vijaya directors used to make Natukodi soup for the heroes and put them on it.

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