In the matter of that heroine, Balayya is the only one who cannot fulfill his desire…!

After the late Mahanati Savitri in Tollywood, who is the heroine who has gained so much fame at that level, surely Soundarya’s name is heard. Soundarya, a Kannada girl, excelled as a star heroine in Telugu rather than her own language. Moreover, for 15 years, Soundarya has been unrivaled in the Telugu film industry. No matter how many heroines come… if there are no heroines who can compete with the original Soundarya… then you can understand the level of craze Soundarya has gained.

In the middle of 1990-2000, everything was going on in the era of heroes. At that time, the audience of Telugu cinema was divided into fans of heroes.. they used to fight constantly. At that time, Soundarya was the only actress who got a huge fan following among the female audience regardless of the heroes.
Obscenity… far away from obscenity, it created a good image among the audience with traditional characters. She acted with all the star heroes in Telugu and scored super duper hits.

She also acted in many movies with middle range heroes. But she acted in only one movie with star hero Nandamuri Balakrishna. That’s the top hero. In 1994 SV. This movie was directed by Krishna Reddy. The movie was produced under the banner of Sri Chitra Creations. But this movie did not meet the expectations. Balakrishna loves to act with Soundarya.

Balayya was always in awe of her performance. But when Top Hero with her turned out to be a disaster…they wanted to make another film and make it a hit anyway. In this sequence, she was chosen as the heroine for the film Nartanashala directed by herself. Soundarya played the role of Draupadi, the life supporter of that movie. Some scenes were also shot.

Then Soundarya died in a helicopter accident in 2004 and the film was stopped midway. Balayya’s dream of making a good movie with Soundarya and making it a hit and going down in history with the movie Nartanashala remained a dream that did not come true.

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