In all the good Sai Pallavi.. I don’t like that part at all.. because..?

Not to mention Sai Pallavi who is tagged as Tollywood lady power star. No matter how many heroines there are in the industry, Sai Pallavi is special among all. There are many reasons for that. It does not decrease at all in the case of Ammadu Kadha. Sai Pallavi who doesn’t really care about the remuneration, thinks about the story of the film ten times over the content. Parakaya entered in that role and the thinking Sai Pallavi stays away from the romance scenes.

Very far from vulgarity. That’s why people liked Sai Pallavi. So far, in the movies she has acted in, she has looked far away from romance and is close to the content and acting. But Sai Pallavi is also very hot in terms of beauty. She doesn’t reveal her beauty but every time she reveals it, she creates a new unknown feeling in Sai Pallavi.

But some people are commenting that everything is good in Sai Pallavi, but her lips are good. Sai Pallavi’s lips, which are as perfect as her eyes and nose, are fatter than her face, and some people are making vulgar comments saying that her lips are full of ants. In this sequence, Sai Pallavi’s name will once again become viral on social media..!!

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