In a few days, Samantha’s movie will be released.. Chaitanya who saw the time.

Not to mention Samantha, who has gained fame as a Tollywood star heroine. This beauty who entered the industry with the movie What Maya Chesawe.. and then entered the industry in her own style. In the end, the beauty who fell in love with Naga Chaitanya and got married, got divorced and lived separately for ten years. Samantha, who is moving forward at Z speed after her divorce, is committing herself to films..Soon, she is going to introduce her acting to the public again through the film Sakunthalam.

Samantha also started the promotions of the movie. Naga Chaitanya’s work in a similar order gave a big shock to Samantha. Akkineni Naga Chaitanya built a modern house according to his taste. There are reports that Nagarjuna bought a place near the house and built a luxury house. Naga Chaitanya’s favorite swimming pool from the beginning, with a special focus on it, a beautiful garden has also been designed.

What is surprising is that Chaitanya is the only one in this house. It is known that Chaitu has recently entered this house. Chaithu who said that he wants privacy for his private life is doing this. Naga Chaitanya’s decision in this order has become a sensation. Moreover, not only Samantha but also Naga Chaitanya can settle down in life.. Naga Chaitanya has tastes.. Naga Chaitanya seems to have given a bitter blow to whoever is trolling Naga Chaitanya by saying that he can take care of his affairs even if he is not by his side. People are commenting that it is not surprising that he got married for the second time soon..!!

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