If you want to accept a heroine film in Tollywood, there is a different rate for each…!

Now if you want to accept the heroine’s movie, there is a different rate for each one..? That means yes..the makers are not able to reveal this but this is the truth. Once upon a time shooting a film was not a caravan. There is no special room for each. Depending on the budget of the producer, the actors, the technical team were all adjusted. Back then, everyone’s focus was on the entire film. Almost all the actors in Raanu Raanu are being made commercially.

Most importantly, the actresses are burdening the producer of the heroines. Burden is not everything..unbearable. Currently, the makers are compromising on many aspects of the star heroine. In order to sign the film, the heroine has to agree to all the demands. They say that she is a lucky heroine if she gets a huge commercial hit after just one film.

After four or five consecutive films hit after hit, the directors are queuing up the heroes behind that beauty. Especially some heroes are recommending to the producer and director that it would be better if the heroine is paired with us. In wrong situations, the producers are also finalizing themselves by giving them huge remuneration. Whenever the heroes and director-producers start falling for them, the heroines are also sitting in awe.

However, in recent times, the remuneration figures for the entire film are decreasing.
There is so much remuneration for acting as a heroine..there is some remuneration for doing a huge skin show..some remuneration for romancing the hero and giving lip kisses..in addition, if you have to date, the calculation is the same.

If the outdoor shoot is done outside, the hotel, food, assistants, etc. are getting wet for the producer. There are sisters who receive additional remuneration depending on the size of the clothes they wear. Along with these, the expenses of their family members and the expenses of their assistants are also being deposited in the producer’s accounts.

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