If you do that one thing, Kriti Shetty won’t have such headaches.. Just think Bebamma..?

We all know how the uppity beauty Kriti Shetty is in the present time. Anything caught in the blasting range will turn into a disaster. Kriti Shetty, who got a good success with her first movie, why can’t she hit after that..? The fans are falling like a tribe. But those movies became hits not because of Kriti Shetty’s beauty but because of the content..then people are saying that there is no content in the movies.

However, lack of opportunities in the industry became a big headache for Kriti Shetty. But chances are getting more and more for Kriti Shetty as the second heroine. However, Kriti wants to do it as the first heroine. Presently, this same news is trending as a hot topic in the movie circles. People are getting fired up with Kriti’s decision.

Fans are suggesting that when opportunities do not come, they should take advantage of that opportunity. It is said that the real heroine’s characteristic is to take the best of the opportunities and make a hit and gain craze. Moreover, Kriti Shetty has already been rejected as the second heroine in more than four films.

Not only that, Kriti was first thought to play the role of Srileela in the Mahesh Babu-Trivikram movie.. But with her second heroine sentiment.. she left this movie. There are reports that the film was rejected for that reason. Fans are giving suggestions to Kriti in this order. Let’s see what kind of decision Bebamma will take..?

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