If it’s good, they will watch Bhojpuri film too

Uday Shankar’s new movie ‘Nashai Girl Friend’ is the hero. Jennifer Emmanuel is the heroine. The film is produced by Atluri Narayana Rao under the banner of Sriram Arts and presented by Atluri R Saujanya. Guru Pawan is the director. This movie is getting ready to release on 11th of this month. On this occasion, hero Uday Shankar said..This is a story that takes place in 12 hours between sunrise and sunset. We shot 95 percent outdoors in Visakhapatnam. I played the role of Rajaram in this film. In this movie we discussed about an app called If I Die.

It was designed to allow soldiers to pass on secrets of national security to superiors and leaders in situations where they were dying during wartime. The story goes on as the background of this app. A good movie doesn’t matter if you are big or small. The Kannada movie ‘Kantara’ was a hit in Telugu. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Bhojpuri movie, the story is good, and if the audience can watch it for two hours, it will definitely be appreciated. She wanted to make a name for herself by doing different films like Adivi Sesh in Telugu and Ayushmann Khuraana in Bollywood. Actor Madhunandan’s brother Mohan is going to make a film under the direction. Said.

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