If it is big and hard, will it be a virgin? Chinmai explained about sex raw..!

Popular singer dubbing artist’s movie is always in the news with some kind of controversy. She is a great singer.. She dubbed star heroine Samantha for a long time and became very popular with her voice. Chinmayi, who is always very active on social media, complains about the injustices in the society and the sexual harassment of women. It also fights against such irregularities and injustices on social media.

Even on the personal matters of women, Chinnai is very brave and open. Recently she put a post on social media platform. This post is not going viral anymore. Someone posted a video saying that the character of the girls is saying that if the married boys imagine one thing on the day of the first night, the reality will be different.

Commenting on this, Chinmayi commented that boys have pain in the first intercourse… The vagina is tight. She also advised them to immediately consult a doctor and get treatment.

There is no shame in talking about such things, but why is society still behaving like this? All the trolls and jokes about the first meeting are not true. Chinmai’s comments are currently taking the social media by storm.

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