If I had done that now.. my life would have been better.

Film industry is a colorful world. This is a magical world. No one can guess what will happen in this glamorous field. No matter what kind of heroes and heroines, they have to fall prey to these tricks. It is very rare to see heroines who continue to be stable continuously in the industry. But even if they come into the industry to become heroines and then settle down as character artists, there are many cute girls. Character artist Pragathi comes in that list.

This name needs no special introduction. She shook the social media by being active on social media during the corona lockdown time. With her workout videos and her beauty tips, she became closer to people. Moreover, it must not be said that someone is after progress in talking about what is. In a recent interview, she clarified why she could not become a heroine.

We know that till 1997 she acted as heroine in movies. Of course, she did less films.. but she was impressed in terms of acting. After that she got married early and ruined her life. At that time she said that it was stupidity.. I said that it was stubbornness to happen.. because of that my life was ruined. After that, Pragathi continued his life as a correct artist.

The focus that I put in my life while doing the roles of a character artist.. It becomes a hot topic to say that my life would have been better if I had done it as a heroine. In any case, there are many actresses in the industry who are playing character artist roles but are not able to grow as heroines due to some mistakes. Pragathi aunty is making her mark in the present film industry by playing character artist roles in her own style..!!

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