I will go there again if I get that chance..Amala’s sensational comments..!!

When we hear the name Amala, the first thing that comes to our mind is animal welfare. S She is an animal lover. Even before she fell in love with Nagarjuna and got married, Amala loves animals. I don’t know how famous Amala became as daughter-in-law of Akkineni’s house, but it became very popular that Amala, who harmed animals, would get angry. There are many animal lovers in the film industry but it can be said that the reason why Amala became popular is all because of her love and caring towards animals.

Amala, who was working as a heroine in the film industry, stopped acting as a heroine after falling in love with Nagarjuna and getting married. Completely away from the film industry. After Akhil’s birth, she spends her time helping her husband in the business while taking care of Annapurna Studios. Amala planned her re-entry again through the movie Life is Beautiful. Many liked Amala’s character in that movie. It brought good recognition. After the movie Life is Beautiful, she acted in a web series, three Hindi movies, two Malayalam movies. After Life is Beautiful, Amala’s Telugu movie “Oke Oke Geyavat” was released. This movie starring Sharwanand as the lead was a super hit at the box office. Amala played a pivotal role in this movie. On the occasion of the success of this film, Amala shared interesting facts about her real life with her fans in an interview given to a media channel.

In this order, Amala said.. “If I get a chance to go on a time mission like in this movie, I will go to the future ten years” she said with a smile. Moreover..” She said that she was very proud to act in this movie.. My mother hugged me and cried after watching this movie.” I don’t want to say anything about Nagarjuna.” He will always be a part of my success”. In this sequence, the anchor asked, “Will you share the screen with Nagarjuna..?” He asked..” We will meet at home. Even on the screen again, I don’t have it,” she answered with a smile. Present Amala’s words have gone viral on social media.

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