I oppose the increase in ticket rates!

Sh. Sudhakar Reddy has released the Telugu version of ‘Vikram’ directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj with Kamal Haasan as the hero and achieved great success.

Speaking to reporters on the occasion, he said, “Vikram ‘has been released in over 400 theaters in both the Telugu states. Excellent response from every center. Revenues are still coming in like the first day. Director Lokesh Kanakaraj is a big fan of Kamal Haasan. We learned through Harish Shankar how the director can be a fan of the hero. This led to the belief that the success of the film was assured.

Many people competed for the Telugu release of this film. As a senior producer, Kamal Haasan trusted me and gave me the film at a low rate. Shows have recently increased at Multiplex. The film has grossed over Rs 20 crore so far. All the distributors are happy with the success of this film. As soon as he saw the trailer .. ‘The movie is good, take the Telugu rights’, Nitin advised’.

Responding to the increase in ticket rates, he said, “It looks like theaters are now back to their former glory. Do not increase ticket prices heavily for big movies. I oppose the increase in ticket rates. As the budget has increased..there is no reason to increase ticket rates. Under the present circumstances, the film will be released in OTT in three to four weeks. The movie is expected to be screened at OTT due to high ticket prices.

‘Baahubali’ grossed Rs 55 crore in Nizam with normal ticket rates. Raising rates puts a strain on the family audience. A single family has to spend three or four thousand rupees to come to the cinema.

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