“I made a mistake by doing that”.

Not to mention how Anasuya, who gained popularity as a Jabardast anchor, is shaking things up in the present industry. Anasuya, who has gained popularity as a Jabardast anchor and is in the number one position, is actively increasing her fan following on social media. We all know the reasons for that.

But Anasuya, who did not mind them at all, recently enjoyed a full vacation with her family. Anasuya celebrated her son’s birthday in this order and enjoyed it very much. In this order, on the occasion of the son’s birthday, it was pulled in full. Because of this, Anasuya has to work hard in the gym to burn off the calories eaten by that food. The same thing was openly told to the fans. She posted on social media saying, “I was full after seeing the food..now I am trying to burn off the calories.”

Moreover, Anasuya wrote that she could not control the food and now she is suffering..she should not have done that. With this, some brats are trolling Anasuya’s words on social media. Then what’s the point of eating.. Now what’s the point of melting.. Others say, do you need so many adventures at this age? They are making outrageous comments saying that they can sit at home..!!

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