I lost a great friend.. CM KCR pays tribute to Krishna’s physical body..!

Super Star Krishna | CM KCR paid tributes to superstar Krishna’s body. After paying respects to Krishna Partheeva at his residence in Nanakram Guda, the CM visited KCR and Mahesh Babu and his family members. Later, CM KCR spoke to the media.

It is very sad that Krishna Garu, a well-known actor in our Telugu film industry, is no longer with us. Person I lost a great friend in the past. I have visited this house many times due to their hospitality. He is a very outspoken man as well as a good character actor. He also served the country as a Member of Parliament. He laughed when Alluri Sitaramaraju’s movie was very good. KCR, do you also watch movies? He said. I said that I have seen the movie Alluri Sitarama Raju many times. As such a great and informative film has been produced which evokes such good patriotism, the Telangana government has issued orders to conduct their last rites with official honours. I have lost a good friend though. On this occasion, he said that he wished God to grant Krishna’s family the strength to bear the grief.

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