“I don’t want to do that role..forcibly with me..” Surya’s sensational comments..!!

There is no need to say what kind of name the hero Surya has in the Kollywood film industry. Surya, who has earned a huge fan following by making films in his own style, is currently focusing on message oriented films. In this sequence, Surya made sensational comments about his role in his recent movie Vikram. Kollywood media was shaken by this. The movie “Vikram” is directed by Lokesh Kanagaraju and stars the multi-talented world leader Kamal Haasan in the lead role.

The movie released on June 3 and broke Kollywood box office records. It must be said that Vikram’s movie gave breath to the Kollywood industry which was caught in the furnace of difficulties. It crossed the 100 crore mark and set a record as the biggest grosser in the career of Kamal Haasan. But the character of Surya, who played a character for 10 minutes, got as much fame as Kamal Haasan’s role in this movie. Surya played the role of Rolex. In a way, fans say that 50% of the reason for the movie becoming a biggest hit is Suriya.

Suriya, who received the best actor award at the recently held Filmfare awards, said, “I have been able to stand at this level because Kamal Haasan is my inspiration. When he called and told that there was a role in Vikram, he did not want to give it up. Some roles are scary. Actually, I thought that if Lokesh called me and asked me to do the role, I didn’t like this role in the film, let’s say that I won’t do it. But I did this role for Kamala Haasan. I want to act with him. That’s why he did it even if he didn’t like the role of Rolex. Kollywood media was shaken by this. Moreover, Surya acted for this film without taking a single rupee. This news has become viral in the film industry. Fans are saying that it was good for Surya even though he did it against his will.

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