“I am still paying EMIs for what he did that day”.. Charan told a secret that no one knows..!!

Needless to say, the name of Ramcharan, the current mega heir, is resounding all over the world. His recent movie RRR is going to win the Oscar award in a few hours. In this order, the entire RRR team will make noise in America. Meanwhile RRR Team, which has already reached America, attends many interviews and shares interesting things about their personal professional life.

In this order, Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s father’s comments on Chiranjeevi are trending as a hot topic on social media. In a recent interview given to the Hollywood channel, Ramcharan made sensational comments on his father Chiranjeevi. “My father is not like everyone else. He raised me to know the value of money. There is a common misconception that celebrities lavish money on children at home. But in our house, my father did not do that for us. They told us to earn our rupees. That is why I am still receiving emails because of him.

If my father would come, I would have more money. But my father doesn’t give me that kind of money .. That’s why I bought every thing I wanted with hard work. What am I doing? For one thing, what my father did was very good.. he made me know the value of money. I am very happy that I got a father like my father,” Charan said on the Hollywood channel. It became interesting. Meanwhile, present Ramcharan is participating in many interviews in America and supporting the RRR team. RRR is doing more promotions for the movie.

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