I am giving what the audience wants

‘Audiences and fans prefer to see me in commercial films. I give priority to giving what the audience wants from us rather than what we want,’ said top actor Chiranjeevi. His latest film is ‘Waltheru Veeraiya’. Bobby Kolli is the director. Produced by Naveen Erneni and Y. Ravishankar, this film will hit the screens on Sankranti on 13th of this month. This is the interview conducted with Chiranjeevi on this occasion.

Is vintage Chiranjeevi seen in ‘Waltheru Veeraiya’?

I did ‘Waltheru Veeraiya’ trying to give 100% what the audience wanted from me. It is definitely a crowd pleaser. According to the story, if you see me in this film, you will be reminded of vintage Chiranjeevi. Waltheru Veeraya gave an opportunity to re-collect Rowdy Alludu and Gharana Mogudu films.

How much entertainment is there in this film?

Muthamestri, Gharana Mogudu can be compared to the first half role in Annayya. Every scene entertains the audience. This is a movie that everyone should watch and enjoy as a family.

What was the main thing that impressed you when Bobby told this story?

Before I listen to any story, I see the emotion in the story. Songs and fights are extra decorations. The audience is touched only when the emotion is connected. There is such a great emotion in Waltheru Veeraya. That’s why as soon as Bobby told the story, I agreed without any other thought.

Your film always comes before Sankranti. This time coming as the second film for Sankranti?

Both the movies belong to Mythri Movies. No matter how many movies are released for Sankranti festival, there will be revenue. If you give a gap of one day, the revenue of any movie will be for that movie. That’s why I said that I will go back.

After all these years, do you still feel hungry as an actor?

Our thirst is never quenched. Only audience appreciation drives me. I am able to do it because they support me. When the brother-in-law is bungee jumping.. I imagined how excited the audience would feel if they saw this.. energy came from nowhere. I did the bungee jump very relaxed.

Are you satisfied with the allocation of theatres?

If you look for the first day record, there are theaters and revenue calculations. We are confident that our film will get the share it deserves.

Bobby is a fan of yours.. How did you create the freedom for him to say Onemore to finalize your scene?

I never look at the monitor. When I’m shooting I don’t move from there until the director says OK. I always wait for the director’s OK. I give comfort to the directors who are dealing with a new actor.

Any thoughts on directing?

If such an occasion comes at the right time and I believe that I can direct it, I will direct it.

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