Hyper Aadi big boku gadu.. Shameless edava, actress boos..!!

Everyone knows how active Sri Reddy is on social media. She is supporting women in her own style and fighting for justice by raising her voice against all the wrong doings in the industry. Moreover, she made everyone know that there is a casting couch in the film industry. Everyone knows how Shri Reddy’s comments went viral at that time. Many girls who look after Sri Reddy have openly said that we have become victims of the casting coach.

While Sri Reddy, who is active on social media and supports the YCP party and unites the rest of the party. It is known that the main reason for this is the non-responsiveness of hyper adi CM Jaganmohan Reddy’s birthday. We know that Hyper Adi is a big fan of Pawan Kalyan. He is the giver of life. Many times in his skits, he said this openly. Recently Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy celebrated his birthday.

In this order, some programs were arranged by comedian Roja Jabardast, who has a lot of respect for Jaganmohan Reddy. As part of the program held at Tummalapally Kalakshetra in Vijayawada, Jabardast comedians were present in large numbers and made noise. On the stage of Hyper Adi who came there in this order, everyone talked about Jagan but he did not say anything. With this, Sri Reddy, who caught the real thing, was hyper targeting Adi…”Adi responded fiercely saying, “Dog mind”.

She asked sharply if she would come anywhere if given money. Roja called her if you don’t want then don’t come. If there is no feather in the leaf, Jagananna’s birthday will stop, she said to her mouth. In this order, he got angry and countered Adi and called him “shameless”.

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