Hyper Aadi : Baboy Hyper Aadi is so mean.. It’s a pity he used them too.

Hyper Aadi : Now Hyper Aadi understands what it would be like for those who are in the film or TV industry to step into politics. Yesterday, Hyper Adi participated in a meeting held in Srikakulam district in support of Janasena. Even since then Adi is being torn apart by Vaikapa. If you do a search on social media with Hyper Aadi, you will understand that the party is making a lot of noise in such a way that Adi is being treated as if Baboy is a Dandamra Babu. Pawan Kalyan is a huge fan of Aadi who gained popularity through the program Jabardasth.

He has been participating in the activities of the Janasena Party for some time now. Vaikapa is trolling Adi through social media and pointing out his past mistakes and now sharing his skits through social media. Meanwhile, Adi brought Tik Tok Laughing Star in his skit. Along with Laughing Star, some others also appeared in Aadi’s skit. For appearing in that Laughing Star skit, they did not even get paid and had to book the cab themselves and go home.

ysrcp social media persons trolls on Hyper Aadi

Laughing Star made a video and shared this. At least we didn’t pay for the cab to go home.. How did you join after leaving.. They didn’t even ask if you actually joined or not but do you need politics.. Are you talking about politics? Vaikapa is making the video of the laughing star viral by saying that it is hyper adi mari intam neechudu. All in all, they are playing Adi in a range. Let’s see how Aadi reacts.

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