Hyper Aadi : All the fun has been given to you.. Hyper Aadi Naughty Comments on Siri

Hyper Aadi: Everyone knows the ruckus Shanu Siri made in the Bigg Boss house. Everyone blazed their tracks. Trolls were done badly. He hated those hugs and kisses. In the end Siri’s mother did not listen even though she said very lovingly. Amma was crying. She immediately hugged Shannu again. Siri has not changed even though her own mother said so. He did not stop romancing Shannu. Because of that romance, Shannu’s whole life changed.

Deepti Sunayana broke up with Shannu because of what she did with Siri in Bigg Boss house. So Shanu was left alone. There are reports that Srihan is also staying away from Siri. But finally Siri Srihan became one. But recently Adi gave a double meaning dialogue on Siri. Siri came to ETV Mallemala show for Dussehra event. Siri came in this upcoming event called Dhamaka. Siri says it’s been two days.. she’s getting bored.

hyper Aadi Satires on Siri Shannu in Bigg Boss

If you get bored in these houses in two days, Adi counters by saying how can you stay in that house for a hundred days. Didn’t I give everyone fun? That is Siri.. Hyper Adi insults him saying that you gave all the fun to Shannu, where did you give it to us? She walked away without another word. Who wants to throw such double meaning punches first and then. Catches the trending topics and puts more counters.

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