How did the song Naatu Naatu make it to SS Rajamouli’s RRR? Full Details

Oscar Song Naatu Naatu: SS Rajamouli Telugu film directed by RRR Did what no film could do till date at the Oscars. songs of this movie natu natu Has received the Oscar Award in the Best Original Song category. This song of the film remained the first choice of the people from the beginning. From reels to Tiktok and from parties to award functions, Naatu Naatu’s boom has been seen everywhere. The song Natu Natu raised hopes by winning the first Golden Globe Award and now it has fulfilled that hope. In this song, Ramcharan and Junior NTR danced so vigorously among dozens of background dancers that people became fans of the song and these two stars. There was a lot of discussion about the steps of the song. Performance was also given on this song at Oscars.

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Where did the song Naatu Naatu come from?

The film is the story of two such boys who do not hesitate to take revolutionary steps against the British rule. Both are trying to fight the British at their own level. It was not easy to put such a strong dance song in such a film. In fact, Rajamouli wanted to make Junior NTR and Ram Charan dance together on some vigorous song in the film.

For this, he asked composer MM Keerwani to compose a song in which both the big stars were seen dancing together. MM Keerwana himself has mentioned this in an interview. He told that for this he first called the lyricist Chandra Bose and asked him to write the song. Since the film was telling a story around 1920, making the song was a challenge. The lyrics of the song were in his mind when Chandrabose was in the car.

The song Naatu Naatu was completed in 19 months

The making of this song started on 17 January 2020. You will be surprised to know that 90 percent of the song was prepared in just two days. However, it took 19 months to finally come to the fore. The shooting of the song took place in the background of Rashtrapati Bhawan of Ukraine.

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The dance in the song Naatu Naatu is amazing. The credit goes to choreographer Prem Rakshit. Prem Rakshit also had a big contribution in making it historic. The signature step of the song, in which Ram Charan and Junior NTR dance holding each other, Prem prepared 30 versions of that step alone. 18 takes were taken for this. But the second one was the best, which was kept in the song.

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