HotStar: Hotstar could not impress even with Oscars.

HotStar: The much-awaited prestigious Oscars program, which was awaited by the world’s movie lovers, ended on Monday. It is known that the Elephant Whisperers from Mana India won the Best Documentary Short Film category and the Natu Natu song won the Oscar in the Best Original Song category and created a new history.

The Oscar ceremony was broadcast live on ABC News in America and some countries. And in some countries it was given live on other platforms. But only in India Disneyplus Hotstar live streamed the Oscar ceremony. Apart from this, two more TV channels gave live stream. But most people watched it on DisneyPlus Hotstar. Recently, in the background of the declining popularity of hot stars in India, the Oscar ceremony has been live streamed for free. Even so, the audience wanted to come to Hot Star. But the Oscar ceremony was telecasted for free but played a lot of ads in between. This made the viewers angry. Many people are commenting on social media that they saw the Oscar ceremony in the middle of the ads. Criticism is coming on Disneyplus Hotstar in this regard.

DisneyPlus Hotstar also became popular in India during and after Corona as OTTs grew in popularity. Disneyplus Hotstar is a very popular TV channel in India mostly with content and IPL matches. Many have taken its subscription just for IPL. Recently Disney Plus Hotstar has lost popularity after IPL rights were taken over by another company. Due to this, the subscribers also decreased. Also, while all other OTTs are producing new content and bringing it to the audience, Hot Star has not focused much on new content. Due to this, the popularity of the hot star has also decreased. The audience for Disney Plus Hotstar is mostly those who watch action movies and Hollywood movies. Hollywood HBO channel movies and series all come on Hot Star. However, HBO and Hot Star’s deal will end on March 31. Some HBO contents have already been removed from Hot Star. It will be completely removed from March 31. This further reduced the popularity.

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At a time when the audience was dwindling, she wanted to win over a few people by streaming the Oscars live in India. But playing more ads in live led to cheating. The present audience is also falling from the hot star. Disneyplus Hotstar has no content in OTT, lost the IPL offer, dropped the HBO contract, streamed more ads in the Oscars like this. It remains to be seen whether Disney Plus will make efforts to attract the Hotstar audience or leave it like this and lose the market in India.

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