Holy holy does it press well..? As the first sprout is raw..?

Everyone knows how the names of Pavitra and Naresh are becoming viral in present social media. The news was heard on social media saying that this couple is living together in the same house in the name of dating for some time now. But finally making the dating affair official, they became husband and wife with the bond of marriage. Pavitri Naresh has now become husband and wife.

Recently, the video of their wedding was shared with the fans on social media and the video was officially released saying that we have become husband and wife. People are making comments saying that it is Pavitra Lokesh and not Pavitra Naresh. Kaga Pavitra Lokesh was first married to Suchendra Prasad who was doing serials in the Kannada industry. Two children were also born to them. But later, due to differences with her husband, she distanced herself from him and became close to Naresh. Pavitra who understood Naresh in this order.. Naresh who understood Pavitra.. became mingled.

So and so friendship became love..love went to marriage and became husband and wife. In a recent interview, Suchendra responded on Pavitra’s marriage. He made shocking comments on Pavitri. “That she is an opportunist..that she married Naresh for money..that Vijayanirmala got 1500 crores of property..by writing it in her name…. They made shocking comments saying that it is good for her to press like that.

Moreover, he expressed anger that all the hard work of Vijaya Nirmala is being destroyed. They said that Pavithra likes to live in luxury and do Jalsa..Whoever does that, he will go away with them..I have no money. In this order, does the holy one do such things..? People are whispering that..!!

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