Hit 2 : Hit-2 teaser removed from YouTube trending.. what happened?

Hit 2 : With Vishwak Sen as the hero and natural star Nani acting as the producer. In 2020, the crime thriller movie ‘Hit the First Case’ was brought to the audience and received good success. The movie team announced that there is going to be a sequel series for this movie directed by Shailesh Kolanu.. Now they are going to bring ‘Hit-2’ to the audience with Adivi Seshu as the hero.

Hit-2 teaser removed from YouTube trendingHIT 2: Adivi Sesh singing a romantic song called ‘Urike Urike’

The teaser of the movie was recently released by the movie team, and the expectations of the audience have been raised. In the teaser, Adivi Seshu is off acting entertained everyone, but the scene at the end of the teaser scared everyone. YouTube suddenly removed this trending teaser. Responding to this, Adivi Seshu released a video on social media.

“YouTube has removed the Hit-2 teaser from the trending list due to violent scenes in the teaser. In addition, age restriction has also been put so that people below 18 years of age cannot watch it. If you want to watch this teaser again in the future, you have to sign in on YouTube and watch it,” Nima said, not only violence, but also romance. Adivi Seshu revealed that the first single of the movie ‘Urikke Urike’ full song is going to be released tomorrow.

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