Hey Rajamouli boy..do you have any brains..? Karthikeya caught in the crossfire of fans..!!

Some netizens are agreeing with Rajamouli’s son Karthikeya with the same comments. As we know, Karthikeya’s father Rajamouli directed the film Araraar which won the Oscar award. In this order, people from all over the world are saying special wishes to the entire RRR team. In this sequence, some star heroes also tagged Karthikeya and congratulated RRR on getting an Oscar.

Akhil, who is a very close friend of Karthikeya, also tagged Karthikeya and congratulated him on the occasion of RRR’s success. Moreover, he addressed Karthikeya as brother. But the matter which was good till then, people are angry after seeing Karthikeya’s message that he has given a reply. While Akhil called Akkine as brother very politely, Rajamouli’s son Karthikeya said “Thank you”.

In this order, no matter how good friends they are, they should be addressed politely while looking at their fans on social media..when Akkineni is called Akhil’s brother, you should call him brother..that’s all, but what’s the point of saying come..?Don’t you have that sense..? Didn’t your parents teach you that too..? The people are chanting in a range..!!

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