Heroine Sangeetha : The son of the star hero who showed his private part to the heroine Sangeetha…!

Heroine Sangeetha : We all know how the outside world sees girls in the film industry. Whether it’s a small baby, a young heroine, or an aunty, everyone looks the same to the evil eye. And in this order, the way the Tollywood star producer’s son behaved with the heroine’s music, the people of today describe that the policy and the work done is despicable. Not to mention the music. Acting in her own style, she got a series of opportunities and gained popularity. However, the film that made him famous among musical films is Khadgam.

In this movie, the dialogue that said one chance is only one chance hooked the fans. I must say that this movie gave him a good break. After this movie, Sangeet is making music in his own style regardless of the hits and flops. Sangita will now continue the momentum in his second innings as well. Recently, Sangeeta scored a blockbuster hit with the movie Masudha. In the second innings too, Sangeeta is doing a good and crazy project. A news related to the music in this sequence will now go viral on social media. But when she was new to the music industry, at the stage of starting her career, a producer’s son misbehaved with her.

star hero son who is going to show his private part to the heroine Sangeetha

And this news is now making a lot of noise. But when she was in the early stages of her musical career, while doing a film, the son of the producer of that film pushed into her car van and took off his pants in front of her and showed her private part. But first he tried to touch her vulgarly. So Sangeeta said that it is wrong to do this, you are a child, but he did not listen and removed his pants and showed his private part. Sangita responded bitterly saying go and show it to your mother. Since then, a news has gone viral that ups and downs have started in his career. Today’s people who have heard this news are saying that children who see their parents in the industry are becoming like this.

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