Hero Wives : Wow, not only heroes, but their wives also earn that much.

Hero Wifes : We keep seeing the star heroes of this era earning in crores. Once the range of our heroes was limited to Telugu states. Now it has spread across the country. As the films of our heroes are becoming successful and the collections are coming in crores, they have also increased the remuneration hugely. It is reported that heroes like Prabhas are getting a remuneration of more than 45 crores. Allu Arjun, NTR and Ram Charan are also known to have received huge remuneration, while the wives of heroes are also earning in that range. Many people do not know this.

Not many people know that Sneha Reddy, wife of stylish star Allu Arjun, is looking after the businesses. Allu Arjun’s wife is working as the director of Saint Institute of Technology founded by her father Prabhakar Reddy. Besides, Sneha Reddy is also working as an editor of a popular magazine. And Ram Charan’s wife is fully active in Upasana business. She is playing a key role in driving the multi-crore business of Apollo Hospitals. Besides, they are cooking healthy dishes with celebrities through YouTube and introducing them to the public.

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While Hero Wives are earning well..

Rahul Ravindran’s wife Singer Chinmai also does business. In an interview he said that his wife files more income tax than him. Nandamuri hero Kalyan Ram’s wife also excels in business. Kalyan Ram’s wife, who studied MBBS, is currently running a VFX company in Hyderabad. All the VFX work of Kalyan Ram movies is done in these companies. Manchu Vishnu’s wife Veronica is also earning crores by doing many businesses. She is the owner of a clothing company. She also takes care of the family businesses.

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